What are Moss Poles?

Moss poles provide vining plants with nutrients they don't have on their own. This results in faster and larger leaf growth. They also stimulate growth in a natural environment in a vertical direction, such as growing up a tree. 

Why is Moss Monster better than other poles?

Moss Monster is made using five-star Chilean sphagnum moss and rust-proof, extra sturdy steel wire mesh. These materials grant the high-quality moss and durable pole your plant needs. This moss pole is designed to provide your favorite houseplant with an unrivaled amount of support and access to nutrients. We know that aesthetics are important to our customers so we made sure Moss Monster has a clean aesthetic look. We also thought about the future your plants will have with us. That's why we make all of our poles stackable friendly.

What plants work with Moss Monster?

 Any vining plants work with Moss Monster. Here are a few examples: Monstera (Deliciosa, Adansonii), Philodendrons, and Pothos (Manjula, Golden).

How do I install Moss Monster in my pot?

Watch this video for additional help.
Use a minimum of a six-inch pot and your potting soil of choice. Fill the bottom of the Moss Monster with your soil and then place it inside the pot. Partially fill the pot with your soil around the base of your Moss Monster. Add your plant to the pot and fill the rest with your soil. If your plant is tall enough, gently attach it to the Moss Monster using gardening velcro or string. 

How often should I water my Moss Monster?

Water your Moss Monster every few days (1-2 times a week) or whenever it begins to dry out. You will probably need to water your Moss Monsters more often if they are outside. Don't have time to sit there and soak your Moss Monster?  Check out our water bottle trick!

What if my plant outgrew its Moss Monster?

Throw it out. Just kidding! We've got a few options for ya. You can either transfer your plant onto a taller Moss Monster (a difficult and long process, not to mention probably dangerous for your plant) OR you could extend your current Moss Monster by adding another Moss Monster on top using zip ties (super easy and we love this).

P.S. we recommend using black zip ties to keep that clean aesthetic look.

Did we answer your question?

If we didn't, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help you and your plants out.